Public announcement of the construction license applications

The municipality of Kemiönsaari announced the applications by efe Ab on the 22nd of October. Efe Ab has also set up signs in different places in order to inform nearby citizens about the case:

“Pending construction licenses for Nordanå-Lövböle wind park: Construction license applications for 29 turbines in Nordanå-Lövböle area have been handed in to the construction authorities in Kemiönsaari municipality on 1.9.2015.”


Nordanå-Lövböle news from 2015

2015 has been silent on the news side, but preparations and studies leading to construction license applications have been actively pursued. Here is a recap about what has been going on in the first half of the year:

  • Many meetings with turbine manufacturers
  • Meetings with grid stakeholders, e.g. Fingrid and engineering companies
  • Meetings with Finnish construction and logistics companies
  • Detailed white-tailed eagle study during spring and summer according to general plan regulation
  • High-resolution terrain model was done with aerial laser scanning

Nordanå-Lövböle’s master plan was base for the applications and the turbine locations remained the same as in the plan.

The applications were handed in to the Kemiönsaari construction authorities in 1.9.2015.

Older news:





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