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Environmental studies (in Finnish)

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General information on wind energy:

  • is meant more for the use of wind energy developers.
  • is a wind atlas website that facilitates a map service indicating the windiness and wind energy potential in Finland. The Finnish version contains also information on wind and wind energy in general.
  • provides general information on wind energy from the perspective of Kemiönsaari municipality
  • is the website of Finnish wind energy association. It is a common forum for all actors in the wind energy field.

Authorities, planning, licensing, and EIA:

Co-operation companies:

  • Sito is one of efe’s environmental consultants
  • Hafmex provides efe with SODAR wind mesurements. SODAR is a device that measures wind speed, turbulence, and direction using sonic signals.
  • Stormgeo produced efe a wind model on the project areas.
  • Ramboll was doing the general planning and construction license application for Nordanå-Lövböle
  • WSP Finland has done the noise modelling and report for Nordanå-Lövböle in the planning phase
  • Mikroliitti has done the archeological study for Nordanå-Lövböle

Turbine manufacturers:

Studies, reports, miscellaneous information:

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